From the conversations with my weekly bridge group—3 women and 1 happily married man. Actually at times, I think our objective is less to play bridge and more to share all our feelings and interests about still being with-it members of the older and grand generations.

We do talk a lot when we play. Very much a part of our game. Not exactly master players of the game—— but we sure are good at living.

“Why don’t they make clothes designed for us older women and men?”

“Why aren’t there stores for us?”

“Where did you get that blouse?”

I bought it online.

As my bridge playing friends, would say—

How do you do that????

Grand Discovery

To me the Internet is like a grand hallway in a great museum — each picture is like a website.  The problems are that—just like in a very large museum — there is so much to see that I get overwhelmed.  That is the problem with the shopping on the Internet.

To avoid that feeling of being way over your head, start with one site at a time — just as you only  can view one masterpiece at a time.