I love to look in shops probably because I grew up in the family stores that sold furs and fine fashion.  But, I hate to have to go shopping.  Because most of the time it is very hard work.

Here is how I got hooked on online shopping.

It was cold and icy — and almost my little granddaughter’s birthday. She wanted a very specific book for her birthday.  I drove, slipped and trudged from one book store to any other.  She really wanted this book. It took hours—nothing.

I must have really looked defeated because, at the last store, the clerk said, “Have you tried Amazon?”  “Oh, never”, I sighed.  This wonderful clerk responded, “Try, it.  It’s easy and safe.”

Even though I have been using a computer for decades and have been on the Internet since it went public, I had never bought online. Exhausted, I went to my computer.

Typed: Amazon.com
Typed: the book title…… there was the book she wanted
Typed: my credit card and mailing address

and a few days later…….. from my fingertips……to my front door.

As my bridge playing friends, would say—

But, I’m a tech dummy!!!!!

Grand Discovery

If the store clerk — or are they called associates now —- says to you that they don’t have the color you want or your size, ask if they have a website where you can buy it online. Sometimes you can even order it online right there in the store.

So much easier than waiting while they call all of the branches and then — if you are luck — you have to drive there to pick it up or pay to have it sent to you.