Don’t worry. You only think that you are a tech dummy.

Grand Discovery

Even though I have been using a computer and the Internet for many years, I have no idea how they work technically. I think of them only as a tool to find and manage information—like a library and a filing drawer! Therefore, I am delighted to find that searching on the internet has become much easier. You no longer have to be a master of the keyword or even need to know what that means.

As my bridge playing friends, would say—

O.K.  Show me how to find information about letting my hair go back to being grey.

Open up your web browser. There are several. I have MS Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Foxfire. I find that for my use they are pretty much the same. Click on whichever browser you prefer.

Now, type in —- letting my hair go back to being grey —- or however  you want to ask the question.

And there you are.  A place to begin.  Be sure to look beyond the first pages.