From what I learned in my search, being “with-it” for both men and women is going grey.

Fashion Trend

Even 20-year-olds are dyeing their hair grey or letting their prematurely grey hair remain grey just like 29 year old singer, actress and fashionista, daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne .


The Huffingtonpost has an interesting article about grey hair being a fashion trend from the time of Marie Antoinette to present day pop singers to everyday grand people.

Health Risks

Regardless of gray being a fashion, there are real concerns about the undesirable effects of coloring your hair especially over a long period of time. Problems can vary from skin irritation, hair breaking off and being unmanageable to more serious health problems  such as lead poisoning and cancer. Various studies have indicated a connection between hair coloring and some cancers such as leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, bladder cancer and multiple melanoma. Prolonged use of permanent dark hair dyes appears to be a greater risk. (For more detailed information go to Wikipedia)

Looks Better

Besides the older you are, the better going-grey looks. Gone is that all-one-color dark helmet look that can make you look even older. Or that blond color that looks shocking with your natural skin tones.

Look at how great these gone-grey celebrities appear.

George Clooney

Helen Mirren

Jamie Lee Curtis

Richard Gere 

They look great.  However, how do you have to take care of grey hair?