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As my bridge playing friends were asking:

Should I go grey and take the risk of being looked at as just another old person?

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Before she made the decision, one person wanted more information if there is a direct connection between cancer and coloring your hair as has been found with smoking and lung cancer.

Go to whichever browser you prefer. This time type in: direct connection between cancer and coloring hair

For me, the most helpful and easiest to understand article was written by Karen Marie Shelton entitled “Cancer & Hair Dyes – A Connection?” published at hairboutiuqe.com. Original published, September, 2000; revised, November, 2011.

(To read the article your self. Put your cursor on the red text, click on the right  of the mouse, and select “Open link in new window”)

After reviewing many studies, Shelton concludes that experts disagree if there is definitely a direct connection between cancer and hair dyes because the studies are inconclusive. Looking at the issue from a different perspective, she stresses, “In the final analysis, consumers will need to consider the lack of demonstrated safety when they choose to use hair dyes.”

If you want to continue to dye you hair or  to use highlights or lowlights on your grey hair and if your are concerned about cancer, you might consider using less toxic dyes, such as all natural coloring agents and vegetable based colors.

Does grey or even white hair necessarily make you look older?

Here is the true story of two of my friends who recently took the big plunge and stopped dyeing their hair.

One friend was asked what she does to keep looking so young. Expecting an answer about diet or skin care, she shocked her questioners by say, “Oh, I just let my hair go white”.

Another friend was told that she seems so much more energetic, she also replied, “Oh, I just let my hair go white.”

The Decision

Whether you are thinking about going grey for health reasons, to be fashionable or that you are just tired of dyeing your hair, you should not be concerned about not being “with-it”.

What is important is that you have a good haircut, keep your hair in a healthy condition and choose the right color of make-up and clothing to enrich the beauty of your grey and white hair.