Today the talk around the bridge table was about the difficulty of finding Charlie Rose‘s show on the television. Sometimes it was on at a different time than printed on the schedule or not on at all.

Do you know that you can watch many television shows on your computer whenever you want?

Go to your browser and type in: charlie rose

Here you are,  charlierose.com

You can see this awesome site by moving your cursor to the red, right click and open link in another tab.  (Tabs are located at the top of your screen.  They look like tabs on a file folder.)

Now you can move back and forth easily between the site and the blog as I describe it.

Looks very bare, doesn’t it.  At first I panicked and then I started to move my cursor around the site.

    • Go to the site an place :  What’s on Charlie Rose
    • Click. Out comes his TV schedule for the month.
    • Click on the date and there is the interview that you missed on your TV.

There is much more on the site.

    • Just move your cursor across the top and subtopics will drop down.

Under Guests you will find 4,896 guest interviews that you can access in many ways, alphabetically, most recent, most popular.

Or you can find them organized by 10 Topics from current events to  to history, books and movies, technology to music. Even in memorium.

Move to Collections and you will find one on the Brain and another on the Middle East.  But wait there are more collections, just click on this word.

Charlie Rose and Guests

Look what I found.

I found an interview that I have been wanting to hear about HBO’s TV presentation of “Game Change”.


with director Jay Roach, screenwriter Danny Strong and authors of the book John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. This is the part of the book about Sarah Palin.