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I’ve got a sudden craving to go to the best art museums in the world—right now. Must have come from the pictures in the gallery of my blog.

Physically impossible.  Nevertheless, the Internet can take me anywhere, virtually.  The problem is where to go.  Let’s start by asking the Internet.

 What are the best art museums in the world?

Into your browser type: best art museums in the world

I get frustrated by the many responses on a search.  A lot is duplication, not what I wanted or of just poor quality.  I try to be more patient because I have found that occasionally some of the best material is not on the first or second page.

Of course, the critical question in our search is how do you determine the best art museum in the world.  So, depending on which criteria I use,  here are three examples  of what I found.

Most visitors,

Lots of people

The Art Newspaper listed the most visited museums in it annual review of “Exhibition and Museum Attendance Figures for 2011” based on the number of visitors.  These figures are self reported, writes makingamark.   You can see the details at


You can visit this site  or even read the newspaper to  find the list of most visited museums by putting your cursor on the red, left click and it will open link in another tab.  (Tabs are located at the top of your screen.  They look like tabs on a file folder.)

 Art everyone must see,

The Huffintonpost lists the top 15 museums in world that every on must see in their life time in its article “International Museum Day 2011: The Best Museums In The World”.


 To see the list and the photos, click left on the red.

And, the best art museums to work in

Community art project

About.Com takes an entirely different approach by listing the best museums at which to work

This is not really such a strange way of ranking museums.  After all, the modern-day museum is more than the art on the walls.  Its grand exhibits, education and out-reach programs. Its even the restaurant and the gift shop. All of which requires a well-run organization with committed employees.


 To see the list and the photos, click left on the red.

After our investigation of the web, we can come to the conclusion that each list is different. Nonetheless, always on top is ——

The Lourve