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I thought—oh—men’s fashion week and Prince Charles as a fashion icon would be an easy, fun, tongue-in-cheek posting.


Having grown up in the women’s retail fashion world, I thought that men’s fashion was really a bore and without the problems of the women’s haute fashion industry.


Older women have more fashion problems than older men.


How it Started

It all started while I was searching the Internet for sites about Queen Elizabeth as a fashion icon.  I discovered that London was having its first Men’s Fashion Week to highlight British fashion designers for men and that Prince Philip was considered to be a fashion icon.  (Seem that many of the Royals are fashion icons.)  Now that could be interesting.

Shock, Little Awe

And then I saw photos like this.

London Men’s Fashion Week

And searched some more and discovered that Men’s Fashion Weeks were being held around the globe.

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Similar to Problems of Women’s Runway Fashion

Everyday Real People. Then I remembered that, just like women’s runway fashion, this was runway fashion, not street fashion and certainly not everyday real people fashion. Theater to attract attention to the brand.

Quite Young.  I also noticed that, similar to female runway models, most of these male models were quite young, sometimes looking like young women.

Unhealthily Thin. Unfortunately, similar to female models, some of the men appear to be unhealthily thin.

(Click on the red and open in a tab.)

Israeli Model Law.  This issue of deadly anorexia among models being promoted by the fashion industry was met head-on by the Israeli government passing  a new law to require advertisers to produce medical reports indicating that female and male models are within healthy lower weight limits and  to reveal  if a model’s appearance has been Photoshopped to make her or him look thinner. Israel is the first country to pass such a law, which is meant not only to protect not only models but also consumers being influenced by this thinness.

Men’s Fashion Problems are greater than Women’s

On June 2, 2012, I wrote about the problems women and men have in finding appropriate and fashionable clothing from both a design and retail perspective.  I naively thought that women had more problems than men.

Searching:  older men fashion

Older Men = Forty Years.  I came up with articles about fashion for men over forty, very little about men over sixty.  On the other hand, there had been many sites in my search for older women even in the sixty plus age range.

Made Fun of. I did not find sites that made fun of older women’s flapping arms or need for longer skirts to cover their aging legs.  On the other hand, there were many, many references to older men stereotypically wearing sweat pants, aged clothing and their pants too high.

Don’t Care.  Several articles went so far to say that older men just don’t care about being fashionable, they just like their old clothes.  Obviously, that writer had not met my father who was always the last person in the family to finish dressing to the point that we called him the peacock.

Dressing Fashionably for Men over Forty

There were a few good articles about dress fashionably for older men.  Older men meant over forty.

inhalefashion.com (from the UK) had an article  “Never too old to learn new tricks“.  They underscore that men are “never too old to look good or to dress any less stylishly.” Key points:

  • Don’t buy clothes designed specifically for young, very young men.
  • Clothes should fit correctly neither too tight nor too baggy.
  • Don’t overly focus on how old you rather “concentrate on the future and how you can represent your style in the best way possible.”

While there are many blogs for young, definitely under forty, I could find only one aimed at older, middle age men.  Grey Fox  stresses dressing for one’s self instead of  for the latest fashion trend.

Don’t  forget the very popular blog Advanced Style (USA gone global) , which I featured in that June 2nd posting. Although it does mainly presents women,  there are pictures of men.

 Dressing Fashionable at Any Age

Regardless if you’re young or older, I found two sites that have good information about dressing fashionable.

The Esquire Guide to Shopping:  http://www.esquire.com/style/how-to-shop/men-shopping-0909

Newbie Dressing Tips for Grown-Up Men:  http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/newbie-fashion-tips-for-grown-up-men.html

Next Posting:  Fashion Icons for the Grand Generation Men