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After searching on older men fashion icon, I was left perplexed about the responses.  My question became—-

What is a fashion icon?

Many of the sites concluded that a fashion icon can be a variety of people-—–a popular star, a business figure, a government official, a royal, your neighbor and you.

Even if he is wearing the simplest of apparel  a fashion icon stands out because he knows that the secret to fashion is not what you wear but that you wear it with confidence and the right attitude.  To me, over the years. a mature fashion icon  develops his own individual style.

Prince Charles, Fashion Icon or Not?

“Me, a fashion icon?”

 I don’t think that Prince Charles considers himself to be a fashion icon.  Luke Leitch wrote in the Telegraph.co.uk that “the Prince confessed he dresses like a “stopped clock”, and pooh-poohed the notion that he might ever be a fashion icon.  The Prince disclosed his fashion philosophy: “I’m a classic, timeless man. My fashion sense only changes every 25 years.””

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Suzy Menkes of The New York Times wrote that,  when addressing the first London Men’s Fashion Week, Prince Charles “talk[ed] up the joys of wool and the importance of sheep in the English landscape.”

Regardless of his own stancePrince Charles is a fashion icon.

 British Esquire endorses HRH Prince Charles of Wales as the world’s best dress man. However, 58% in an informal reader’s poll of the Huffington Report disagree.

theroyalforums.com reports that Prince Charles was named one of the world’s most stylish men by GQ magazine. “The Prince Charles’ style is based on traditional and classic gentlemanly lines, but it is also highly individual.

Dress Like Prince Charles

How do you dress like a prince?  Here are some sites to shop online.

The Prince of Wales Style Guide in the  londoncollections.co.uk is a fun site.  There are several pictures of the prince in various outfits.  (Click on the hot-spots  * noted on these outfits to discover where you, too, can buy similar clothing.)

The comedian David Walliams said: “I asked Charles what he wears. He said mostly Primark, but George at Asda too: he likes to mix it up.” Two lower price stores than the high street brands, which also sell direct online.

Primark is an international general retail chain, headquartered in Great Britain, specializing  in affordable fashion and known for its ethical trading.

 George at Asda  is the family fashion part of Asda.  Asda is the Target (USA) of the UK and Europe.

If the following is true and not a joke—-

Then the  Prince, who is known for being financially conservative, is very much like up-scale American “fashionables” who have been known to buy their everyday-at-home clothes at Target and their dress shirts at Brooks Brothers.

You don’t buy this outfit at Asad or at Target.

The Prince’s shirts and haberdashery is said to come from Turnbull & Asser, established in 1885 and awarded a royal warrant by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. All of their shirts and ties are made by their own manufactories in England according to their own stringent quality standards and classic designs. A selection is available online.   Note the section on garment care.

His shoes is reported to come from John Lobb, LTD, established at the time of King Edward VII and holder of royal warrants by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh and  H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. This company also sells on-line. The price of leather shoes is listed as  2,860 pounds sterling plus 20% VAT.

Anderson & Sheppard

Anderson & Sheppard:  “This grey Prince-of-Wales check is enlivened by a pink overcheck and some pink thread on the buttonholes.”

His suit, like those of other fashion icons, might come from Anderson & Sheppard, a leading Savile Row firm that began in 1906.  Each garment is custom-made to your own measurements.  Read and see how each new customer is detailed.  Sorry no online shopping here. However, this London firm will be visiting the USA in October to take orders.   Interesting films are include in this website.

The Savile Row Company, London, for over 70 years, has been providing “luxury clothes at reasonable prices”.  The second generation has transformed their expertise as made-to-measure tailors into “a ready-to-wear collection of comparable quality.”  Compare the price of these shoes to those at Lobb.

On the far right of the home page, notice “STYLE GUIDE”. Click. Here are areas of Style Advice, Manual and Icons.  The site is designed to facilitate online shopping.

Guess Who is Another Male Fashion Icon

Take a guess who was just cited as the fashion icon of  the year by Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)……………………….

Johnny Depp

Yes, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp received the Fashion  Icon Award due to his “personal and eclectic sense of style“.

Johnny Depp, Officially a fashion icon

And Many More

Here are some more websites that list many other fashion icons and explain how they have contributed to fashion for men. The pictures are an example of one of the many icons discussed on each website.

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The 10 best male fashion icons – in pictures

Bob Dylan

Style Icons From Every Decade (20s-60s) Women and Men.

Clark Gable

Robert Redford

 A Few Male Style Icons

President Barack Obama

PS  So many of you all commented on my posting about Nora Ephron.   Since that posting, I found a wonderful article written by Alessandra Stanley  published by The New York Times on  June 27, 2012, entitled Nora Ephron’s Hollywood Ending.  Along the left sidebar of the article are several multimedia features and a listing of related articles.  Enjoy.