My muse loved my last posting about using the web to find out how things work.  She even gave me another gadget, a mini lemon saw with a bottle opener on it.

Wonder if I’ll saw off my hand while opening the beer.  Could not find a video!

The catalogue that sells this gadget says  “It’s a conversation starter.”  It sure was.

 The next thing my muse had to say is that your blog is getting so complicated that she is having trouble understanding how to best to enjoy it, especially when she wants to find the information in an older posting.

Time for the Grand Tour

My blog has grown in the last three months.  The webpage has become more complex.  Time to give you on a grand tour.

Remember that the postings (articles) are shown with the latest one written on the top.  You need to scroll down (move down) to view earlier ones.  

You can best follow this description by click on inagrandfashion and open another copy in a new tab. Then you can follow the description by moving between both tabs.

Let’s start at the top left.  Home  About   Grand Websites

Home     This is the page that you see when you first arrive at Inagrandfashion.  If you go to other pages and want to get back to the postings, just click on Home.

About      This page tells why I created this blog and its objectives.  A guide.  And someday, when I get around to it, something about me.

Grand Website    Here is a listing of the best website that have been featured in the postings.  I will keep adding to it.


Now look at the upper right.  See Search   It’s in the box.  With Go also in a box but framed in blue.   Want to find something within the site, use this search.  Notice:  When the results appear, you might have to scroll down to find the requested posting. Personally I think that using search is the best way to find something on any blog.

On to the left side of the home page

FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL  If you would like to receive my new postings by email, click here.  You will get the text but not the pictures or videos.  For these you have to go to my website,

Recent Postings  Lists the titles of the five last postings by title, starting with the most recent.

Archives  Here the older postings are organized by the month they were posted. So, if you have an idea of when you saw the information you are looking for, this is a good place to start.  Remember it is organized with the last posting of the month first.

Categories  These are general topics that have been discussed in each postings on inagrandfashion.   As a single posting can cover several topics, a posting most often will appear in several categories.  Again, the latest posting comes first.    For example, if you were looking for a posting about grandchildren, you might start with the category, Relationships.  Or, about the summer heat, try the category, Health.

On to the main part of the posting

Under the date, see the word Tags.  These are more specific descriptions of the content of the posting.  Click on one of these and you also will find more postings about these specific topics on inagrandfashion.

Important to Remember

After you have gone to a postings in archives, categories or tags, you can return to the first page or home page by click on Home.


Click here and it will take you to the area in which you can write me a note.  I love to hear from you.  If you don’t want me to share your comments, just let me know.   You also can let me know if you want to be on my “personal” mailing list.

Also in this area are some social network buttons. If you are on Twitter or Facebook.  Click here to share the posting.

Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm.

The number of readers has grown every month.  This is what keeps me writing.  I appreciate your letting your friends know about the site.