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I’ve never thought very much about gluten-free living until a few days ago when  one of my friends said that she was on a gluten-free diet for osteoarthritis.   We were at a Chinese restaurant, which she explained presents problem for her.

Then, yesterday a follower thanked me for mentioning that one of the websites featuring honey cakes also had a section with gluten-free recipes. Her grandchild cannot eat anything with gluten.

This peaked my interest.  So, of course, I went to the internet to find more information.  Into the browser

 gluten-free recipes

Remember instructions about how to access information are printed in blue.

(One article said the Lady GaGa was on a gluten-free diet to lose ten pounds!  Didn’t need to know that! You can find extraneous information on the Net.)

Celia Disease

Seriously, I learned that, by far, the most frequent reason for following a gluten-free diet is to treat celiac disease.  No joking matter.

Whether you are cooking for yourself or someone else, I understand that the gluten-free diet does present a challenge at times.

Throughout this posting, there are several opportunities to go to the original site.  They are marked in red.  Put your cursor on the area. If a line appears under the text, click and open in a new tab.

Mayo Clinic Website 

To get a better understand, I first went to my medical information standby the Mayo Clinic to find out  “What’s allowed, what’s not” when you are cooking gluten-free. The topics in this article are

            • Allowed foods
            • Always avoid
            • Avoid unless labeled ‘gluten-free’
            • Watch for cross-contamination
            • Risks:  Not getting enough vitamins

Recipes. Mayoclinic.com also has an excellent collection of recipes for healthful living including gluten-free.  The recipes for polenta with fresh vegetables and sautéed bananas with caramel sauce sound delicious.



Outstanding Recipe Websites

To see the recipes, put your cursor on the red area, click and open in a new tab.

Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes

There are lots of gluten-free recipe website; however, this site indeed is the goddess.  This is a blog created by Karina Allrich, who has celiac disease herself.  She has been honored by the  National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.  This blog contains not only many. many gluten-free recipes but also dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian recipes. Also included are lots of healthful living tips such as  how to manage gluten-free eating and even sugar-free baking tips.

Cookie Grandma still can make gluten-free cookies.


About.com is one of the oldest mega sites that seems to have more than a thousand topics.  (No, I didn’t count all of them.)  This site is known for its reliability.  I went to gluten-free cooking.

Food for the Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten-Free Cooking is presented by Teri Gruss, who has a Masters degree in human nutrition. She  has  gluten intolerance caused by a mal-absorption syndrome.  This is the way the site is organized.

Home page of general information about cooking gluten-free

A page giving the basics such as where to buy products and  reviews of cookbooks and products

A page leading to  favorite recipes

A page of “seasonal recipes through the year”

I was particularly attracted to this video on how to make  banana bread. (I always have a collection of “out-dated” bananas in my freezer.)

To see a video on how to make gluten-free banana bread, just click on the red text below and “open link in a new tab”.  Watch the video in this tab.  It will not appear on this page.




Here is a Gluten Free Chex-Style Snack Mix Recipe.  Looks great for nibbling and traveling.


Traveling on a Gluten-Free Diet

From what I have learned, traveling while eating  gluten-free takes planning but it certainly can be managed.  I searched the Net using

travel gluten-free 

Here are two site that impressed me.

http://glutenfreetravelsite.com/  “The original — and most robust — online collection of user-submitted Gluten Free Dining and Travel Reviews from around the world.”

This site is an enormous collection of information about where in the world to eat gluten-free, well-organized for searching.  You can find dining and travel reviews organized for searching by USA state, town and zip codes, countries around the world, being gluten-free on cruises and even at colleges.  It also has a section on restaurant chains in the USA and some international.

Gluten-Free at Chili’s In all 50 states, Canada, and in 165 locations outside the U.S. You can even review the menu.

http://www.glutenfreetravel.com.au/   This Australian site is unique because it is presented by the travel agency Reho Travel. The managing director’s wife must travel on a gluten-free diet.  This site has everything.

                    • Information about coeliac disease
                    • Adventure travel
                    • Airlines
                    • Cruising
                    • Tours

Even for travelers on gluten-free diets

The site includes information about a paper-back book and a free mobile application  that can be downloaded that translates into several languages terms needed when ordering gluten-free items from a menu. 

An other unique offering is travel insurance which does not charge extra for celiac disease if you are otherwise healthy. This insurance appears to be available only for Australians and tourists coming to Australia.

In addition, the site has many links to gluten-free living and general travel.

How to find a gluten-friendly restaurant any place in the world.

Then, I got curious what if a gluten-free traveler was in Sioux City, Iowa or Lyon, France or Hong Kong or New Delhi, India or São Paulo, Brazil or anywhere in the world.

 Into the browser

gluten-free restaurants in São Paulo, Brazil

Put in the name of any location that you want.

Happy and Healthy Eating and Traveling