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Fashion might be changing!

Over the months, I have been critical of the fashion industry for their neglect of older men and women, the extreme design of the clothing, the lack of older persons as models and the attitude of sales people towards us.  Are things changing?

New Fall and Spring Fashion Looks Familiar 

I don’t mean familiar boring but familiar “I could wear that”.   In fact, over the years, I think I have worn them.  The skirt lengths can be more modest.  The colors are not as garish.  The fabric drape leaves some to imagine.  And, they look like wearable clothing and not costumes.  Take a look in the newspapers, magazines and stores.  What do you think?

Norisol Ferrari Spring 2013

Real People in Fashion Advertising

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Lanvin Paris is leading the way in using real people, even older women in their advertising.

81-Year-Old Super-Super Model, Carmen dell Orefice

The world’s oldest  working super model is Carmen dell Orefice.  She even modeled  two shows in one day at the New York Fashion week.

This time her shoes are off!!!!


Lots of exercise, meat and veggies—-and not too much makeup and filler as needed.