Thinking about my own makeup after reading about 81-year-old super  model Carmen dell Orefice.

Yes, I went to search on

makeup older women

What I found was many, many websites just like being in an art gallery. Evidently I am not the only the older women asking  Is my current style of makeup making me look older, or even worse, a little foolish?

What I found was lots of advice that many times was conflicting.  However, everyone agrees that it is important to avoid any extremes.  Also, we need to acknowledge that our skin does wrinkle and change color and that eyelids begin to  sag.

 Here are some of the videos that I found helpful.

Preventing cakey concealer that accentuates wrinkles.

If you want to make the screen larger on a video, put your cursor over the image at the extreme right.  It will say—full screen.  Click.  You can always return to regular size by using the ESC key on your computer. (on the very top row, extreme left.)

If you want to skip or go back to see again, put your cursor on the small white and red ball on the left and move it to the position you want.


Know your eye shape and how it changes.


And how to apply eye makeup using new techniques and products.



Next comes the lips


To see this video, just click on the red text above and “open link in a new tab”.  Watch the video in that tab.  It will not appear on this page.

I realize that not all of this advice is right for me.  I think that I’m going to do some experimenting and make a visit to the cosmetic counters of not only high-end production but also some lesser priced brands.

What have I learned. You are never too old to enjoy makeup.  However, don’t get stuck in a rut—that is what makes you look older.