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Sitting and waiting in airports, I’ve now seen lots  of haircuts on older men that are so out of style.  They must have worn it that way all their lives regardless of no longer being swinging young blades.

There are several websites that suggest ways that older men can have better hairstyles.

hairstyles for older men

All of the sites underscore that all older men have problems with thinning, graying and receding hairlines. However, with a good cut, they still can look very handsome.


Yes, a better hair style is possible.

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This website is mostly for women but also has some information for men, teens, kids and even babies.  They have an article about classic hair styles for older men as seen on older film  stars.  The author uses a star as an example of face shape and styling attitude. Included are instructions for your barber and for you to maintain the look.

Clint Eastwood

Eastwood likes his natural color and sports a full contoured style.

If you have straight or loosely waved hair that you can quickly blow dry straight, you can try this style.

Your barber  should use a shaped to fit contoured style cut with full tapered sides and neckline. Leave the front longer to create more fullness. Brush to the side without a part.

Now here is how you should style it.  When your hair is damp, comb through a small amount of mousse.  Blow dry and then lightly spray with hairspray.

For graying and silver hair, use a gray-enhancing shampoo.

George Clooney 

Wavy hair

Clooney likes a short hairstyle in a close cropped contoured style. Although this cut can look good with any hair type, it is especially helpful in maintaining a straight look when you have hard to control wavy hair.

Your barber should  use a short contoured style  shaped to your head. Fullness can be created at the top and sides.  You can also add  close cut mid-length sideburns.

Now for your styling  options.

When your hair is damp, work through a dab of shaping gel  and allow to dry naturally. However, if you have thin hair, then blow-dry to create fullness.

For a textured, shiny look, lightly apply pomade.


Try some searches of your own interests such as.

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Next post will explore the problem of the right hair cut for the shape of your face and how to evaluate the quality of your haircut.