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Regardless of your age, all men are faced with two hair problems.

What is the shape of my face and what is right hairstyle?

How do I know if I have a bad haircut? 

Men’s Hair at about.com

As I have written so often, the mega website about.com is one of the best sources of information on all categories.

How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Round Face

Face is wide, jawbone and cheekbones are round.

Avoid full or round hairstyles.  Keep the sides leaner. Style the hair a little higher at the top and front. An off-center part or some waves at eye level. will help minimize roundness.


Square Face

Face is a square, the jawline and cheekbones are almost the same width.  The sides of the face are long and straight.

Wear the top longer and styled a bit higher with the sides leaner and short  while keeping the hair trimmed around the ears. Styling your hair in the same square shape  of your face  will bring oust your strong features.


Oval Face


Face is shaped like an egg with slightly rounded jaw and no unusual characteristics such as  large eyes, mouth or nose. 

Most any style will look good on the oval face; however, the position of the eyes and ears should be considered.

Long Face

Face is longer than wide with cheekbones and jaw equal widths.  Jawline is often rounded. 

The best styling is designed to make the face appear in better balance. The cut should be  longer on the sides and short on top with some layering and the front hairline disguised.

You can achieve a better balance with a close-cut, tidy beard.  Glasses also help to break the length of your face.


Triangular Face

Face is shaped like a triangle with wide cheekbones and forehead and a pointed chin. 

Select a hair style that make your forehead look narrower and your chin wider, widens your chin. Use an offset part, bangs (a fringe) pushed to the side and even a beard.

About.com stresses that price alone cannot guarantee a good haircut.

What is important is that you know how to communicate with your barber and that he or she listens to you.  Determine your face shape and remember which type of cut is best for you.

Be sure that your haircut is properly blended.  This means that there are no visible lines or dark spots.  Nothing is sticking out and there are no “steps”.  Be sure that your cutter cross-checks the top from front-to-back and side-to-side.


Checklist for the final cut.

The profile of the haircut closely  follows your natural hairline.

No hair is sticking up at the crown the swirly part at the top of your head

Haircut  looks good with or without styling product.