So many people are asking me—-Why are you not blogging?

Answer:  I ran out of ideas.

My daughter, who writes the website dashinfashion.com which features global high-fashion children’s clothing (Take a peek by clicking on the red name. It is really fun.), suggested that I just write about how I use the Internet starting with my first cup of coffee.

Brilliant idea.

This is how I start my day.

I wake up, take my pills and turn on my computer.  Then, I go make my cup of coffee, without which I cannot function. By then, my computer is ready for me.

First stop of course are my emails, which I read but don’t yet answer because my coffee has not yet woken me up.  Do you know the feeling!

 Now is the time for what I call my brain exercises!!!!!

I listen to the news while I play a game—all on the computer, while I drink my coffee.

News Online

I like to listen to the radio or tv online because

  • I can listen any time that it is convenient
  • I can turn up or down the sound
  • I can skip over what doesn’t interest me
  • I can repeat what I don’t understand.

Finding the radio and tv news to which you want to listen is easy.  There are many ways of searching. Just type in your browser with which you search the web

city radio news online    For example:  minneapolis radio news online  or sydney australia radio news online

country radio news online  For example:  nigeria radio news online

Or if you know the call letters of your favorite station, just try that.  For example: WCCO

Or just type in:  radio news online.  You will find lots of treasures such as the BBC. The world of radio and TV news is yours free on the Internet.

After I listen to my local news, I like to listen to 


While Playing a Game

While listening to the news, I play my favorite online free game Flowers.

I found it on zone.msn.com/en-us/home  There are many more kinds of games from which to choose—for free.  However, I have discovered that I cannot listen and do a word game. Or, write and play a game of any kind.

By the time the news is over and I’ve played my game, I’m ready to face the world.

What is your morning wake-up to the world routine?