I think my TV is about the age of my third oldest grandchild, who now is in high school.  It still works.

Although …..

It take a while for the picture to come on.

The picture is somewhat greenish, dark and dull.

 Every once in awhile, at about three in the afternoon, my TV turns itself off and is reluctant to turn back on.  But, with great patience, I get it to go back on for another couple of months.

The image seems to be cut off slightly on the sides.

But, the sound continues to be wonderful.

I can’t quite understand why I have not replaced it.

Could be my dedication to saving the planet that precedes even the beginnings of Earth Day and the Green Movement.

Could be a genetic fault  inherited from my mom, better know as Frugal Fran.

However, I do think it is because I’m just so perplexed because these new TVs have so many more options that my old bulky relic.

Not like the old days when you went into the store and said I’ll take that one.



LCD, LED or plasma?



Things I didn’t even know I should think about.

I am confused.

Off to the Web, in a grand fashion. Typed in:  how to buy a tv

Out popped pages and pages of sites underscoring my belief that deciding which TV to buy  is not as a simple task as it used to be.

Here are three of the sites that I found  to be most helpful but still very complex.  I’m going to have to do some studying to understand what TV to buy.

I’ll let you know what I learn in the next postings.