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My criteria for how big a TV to buy has always been

Can I see it with my glasses off?

Over the years, my TVs have gotten bigger and bigger.

Today, with the new TVs, the word is to buy as big a TV as you can afford but

Not too big!!  Why?

I won’t bore you with the details that neither of us want to know. Something about not seeing those pixels.

I thought that I would find one agreed-upon, reasonable formula for the determining the size to buy

Absolutely not.

I did find this chart that seems to make the most sense.

How to Use This Chart

Measure the distance from where you sit to where the new TV will be placed.

Remember that, if you are replacing an old style TV, the screen of the new one will be almost a foot farther back from the edge of the table or on the wall.

 Also, your sight line to the TV starts not at the edge of the sofa but rather nearer the back of the cushions where you are sitting.

In my case, things got a little complicated because my TV placement is in front of a L shaped sofa arrangement.

Notice that TV viewing will be from varying distances.

In my case, the maximum distance from the screen is about 10 feet but the minimum distance is barely five feet.

Looking at the chart I see that

the best screen size for me is between 38″ and 42″.  Or at very most 46″.

Interesting. The TV salesperson tried to sell me a 42″!!!!