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Do you remember that wonderfully entertaining and informative series of interviews called Inside the Actors Studio“, hosted by Professor James Lipton. What I liked was  its inside look not only into the actor’s life but also into the craft of acting.

I had watched it for years on my TV; however, recently it has not been on where I’m living.  I missed it and thought that it had gone off the air.


I discovered that it was still on the Bravo Cable Television Company. Eighty-six year old, Lipton is moving along in a grand fashion. The show is in its 19th season, recently celebrated its 250th show.

So I went to


Click on the red and open in a new tab.

Great. Here is lots of information about the show plus videos so I can watch the episodes. EXCEPT I got the message:  “This content is currently unavailable.”  Now, it might be available to you living in another country so it is worth a try.

 I’m going to the Web. 

Type into your search.

inside the actors studio

now click on video

I see that many episodes are available on the streaming sites. However, there are pages and pages of Inside the Actors Studio videos free on YouTube.

YouTube is so much more than funny videos that go global…what they call viral—and become famous on TV—and get sent to you via  email, over and over again, from you “best” friends.

When I tell you that you can watch almost the  “Inside the Actors Studio” episodes on YouTube, you will understand why it has taken me so long to write this blog. I couldn’t stop watching them.

However, I discovered that there is a problem.  You cannot always see the clips which are being shown. Nonetheless, YouTube is a good alternative when you cannot access the original show.

Here are three of my favorite episodes.

George Clooney

One of my all-time favorite actors is George Clooney. Yours, too?  To me, he is so much more than a handsome face.

Here is my search

inside the actors studio george clooney youtube

The show is from season 18, episode 1. January 31, 2012.

If you want to make the screen larger on a video, put your cursor over the image at the extreme right.  It will say—full screen.  Click.  You can always return to regular size by using the ESC key on your computer. (on the very top row, extreme left.)

This is a long, but fascinating, video. If you want to skip or go back to see again, put your cursor on the small white and red ball on the left and move it to the position you want.

Tina Fey

I am in awe of Tina Fey’s multiple talents.  This recent YouTube is not only informative but also very, very funny.  It is from the current season 19, episode 3. March 19, 2013.

Cast of “Modern Family”

“Inside the Actors Studio” also interviews casts of TV shows.  Here is the episode of one of my favorite, “Modern Family”.  Season 17, episode 5.  June 7, 2011

I am fascinated by the way James Lipton demonstrates his interview skill by have the actors respond both as themselves and as their characters.





Note:  Often YouTubes are divided into segments.  You can usually find the parts on the upper left-hand side. 

Want to know more





I still have not gotten around to buying a new TV.  When the time comes, I have decided on buying a SMART TV, so I can watch YouTubes on a big screen.