My friends may believe that I’m knowledgeable of my various electronic gadgets, such as my mobile phone. But, every time something goes wrong, I PANIC.

I wouldn’t bother you with this story if I hadn’t PANICKED two other times over my mobile phone not working and dashed off to the tech office without thinking.

Well, more than twice.

This time, I had my phone on the charger. For some reason, I could not call out nor could a receive incoming calls. From my land-line phone, I telephoned the help desk of my mobile provider service.

Isn’t this neat! The ‘voice’ said, “Just hit #1 and we will call me back within ten minutes.”  Only, after thirty minutes, I got tired of waiting.

I should be able to figure this out.

In the past, the problem often was a loose SIM card.   I opened the back. Yes. Reconnected the SIM card.  Suddenly, the battery fell out.  PANIC. I  put it back in.

The phone was black. I went through the two steps to turn it on that I do so many times a day.  – then *   Black.  Still black, regardless of what I click on.

PANIC.   The problem must be the battery, right.

Just then, the land phone rang.  Finally, the help service.  They agreed it had to be the battery…just as I had told them was wrong.  I must go to the technical help office.

How can I go out without a working mobile phone.  (Forgetting that most of my life I managed without a mobile phone.) Even more PANIC.

I didn’t wait to think.

Instead, in my panic, I rushed to the shopping mall office. Waited and waited.  Finally, my turn.  I hope I don’t have to buy a new phone.

The tech opened the back of the phone. SIM card, right. Battery, right.

No problem.

I had NOT  turned on the phone’s power button to connect to my telephone service.

I forgot that almost all of the time my mobile phone power is on.  When I use the phone all I do is wake it up(- then *)  When I removed the battery, I disconnected the power.  Of course!!!!

I hope I  learned my lesson.  

I need to read the instructions especially when I am having a problem.   Most mobile phone instructions are on the Internet.

Read and Understand the instructions.

I need to look for this sign on the phone, often in red and very small, too. And remember to hold it down rather than just touch it.

Power Button Sign

I need to remember that on some of my electronic gadgets the power button is hidden on the side with no symbol identifying it.

I need to vow to Think before Panicking.