When I first starting writing this blog about a year and a half ago, I emoted  about how really weird fashion had become for both men and women.  Then, about a year ago, I remarked that fashion was making progress by moving away from the absurd.

I’m delight to announce that I’m in love with the current fashion for the whole family, finally, again.


And, why not?  Look at these clean, classical lines of this trench-coat shown recently in the New York Times.

Red Leather Trench-coat. Right out of my 1960s closet.

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My favorite men’s fashion blog, Grey Fox, recently featured the Best of Britain 2014 fashion. Here, he looks at Marks and Spencer collection. These styles are appropriate for men of all ages. Look at those wingtip shoes.

M&S. 2014

And, Even Children

Dashin Fashion, the online designer kids fashion news magazine, is featuring the return to style in children’s fashion. You can shop for these fashions from the site.

What could be more classical than this tuxedo-styled romper  and “that little black dress with pearls” (painted on, of course).

The Tiny Universe. 2013 Holiday Party Wear.

Dashin Fashion reports that designers, like Oscar de la Renta, are creating styles for Mommy and Daughter, which they call “Mini Me”.

For Mom, remember the shirtwaist dress with a wide belt.  Here it is again….with such style.

Oscar de la Renta. Fall 2013

And now for the mini.  I cannot remember what this style is called except that my daughter had a dress with the same lines.  It was pink with a white Peter Pan collar.  Notice that the fabric is just like one of the panels of Mom’s dress.

Oscar de la Renta. Fall 2013