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For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, isn’t this weather terrible.

It may look beautiful from inside your warm home; however, it really discourages going out  routinely for classes and lectures.

No need to let you brain veg out.  The Internet offers you 1000s of courses and lectures.  The biggest problem is choosing one.

Let’s go search the web in a grand fashion.

Remember if you want to go to a mentioned site, run your mouse over the name.  If a red underline appears, click and open in a new tab.

iTunes/iTunes U

iTunes/iTunes U heralds itself as the world’s largest online catalog of free education content.  They claim that they have access to more than more than 500,000 free lectures, videos, books and other resources on what appears to be an endless variety of subjects.   Hundreds of college and universities including StanfordYaleOxford, and The Open University, and distinguished institutions such as MoMA, the New York Public Library, and the Royal Opera House.

Right now I’m studying  on my iPad…….

“Jerusalem: The Holy City” Lecturer. Dr. Robert Cargill at UCLA

“Science and Cooking” Harvard. Harvard Researchers and World Class Chefs

You don’t have to have an iPad to learn from iTuneU.  You can use it on your Windows computer and other devices using an Android operation system.

The downloading of an iTuneU app is required. To find the appropriate app search: 

iTunes u app for …..

Fill in whichever is your operating system: mac, android or windows.


YouTube has much more than videos that go viral.  Its education content includes 1000s  of high quality videos for students from tots to our age. For us, there are videos of everything from academic lectures including top universities from around the world to speeches by individuals who are “global thought leaders”.

Being a geek, I had lots of mathematics courses but nothing about the history of mathematics.  Right now, I’m “going” to Gersham College in London, founded in 1597, to “Shaping Modern Mathematics: The 19th Century”.

On the other end of the spectrum are the short, entertaining lectures about an almost unending number of topics such as science, technology, psychology and even gaming. This popular channel, called Vsauce, is created by Internet personality Michael Stevens.  

Here is one of my favorites.

Other Learning Sites

In its grand fashion, the Internet is rich with learning opportunities.  Here are some more sources.

BBC Learning   The BBC offer learning on most any topic you choose.  They not only offer information from their own organization but also provide links to other online courses.  The quality is superb.  For example, take a look at its leaning languages, quickly.

Ted Talks  “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world” Over 1400 relatively short videos from some of the most engaging speakers around the world on an endless variety topics, especially technology, entertainment and design (TED). You are urged to share these talks with your friends.  Here is one of my favorites: “Colin Powell: Kids need structure”.


So if you are suffering from a lingering head cold —- as I am and so many of my friends are — forget that  it is frigid and icy outside and you are bored.  Snuggle up with your iPad and watch a lecture of your choice.

What online courses and lectures have you enjoyed?  Just let us know in this comment box.