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The other day, at my book club, we were talking about the problems of getting books when the weather gets bad or when we get sick for longer periods of time.  Hard to get out to the book store or the library.   Plus,  we’ve heard that many neighborhood book stores have closed.  Friends living around the globe are reporting that it is getting harder and harder to find a good selection of English books.

Next, of course, the conversation moved to the dilemma of the ebook being one of the causes and yet a solution for the situation.

Several of our members do have a Kindle. (We love our Kindle Paperwhites.)   And, are enjoying the ease of buying books from Amazon….and of reading digitally.

However, other members, who already have iPhones and iPads or Samsung phones and tablets, just do not want to buy another device.  On the other hand, they see the advantage of being able to buy ebooks from Amazon, too.

No problem.

Amazon has reading apps, free-of-charge.

There are apps for the Amazon Cloud Reader, smart phones (iPhone, iPod touch, Android …. that’s Samsung and many others, Windows and Blackberry), computers (Mac, Windows 8 and Windows 7, XP and Vista) and tablets (iPad, Android and Windows 8).

How to Download a Kindle Reading App.

1. Use the device to which you want to download the Kindle Reading App.  That means, if you want to put the app on your iPad, use your iPad to go to Amazon.  This is the absolutely most important thing to know.  How do I know—-because I tried to download a Kindle reading app for iPad by using my PC.  Doesn’t work.

2. Go to amazon.com

3. Under “Shop by Department“, put your cursor on Kindle E-readers and Books. 

4. See where it says Apps and Resources.

5. Right under this, click on Free Kindle Reader Apps.

6.  There you are.  Now click on the app that you need and follow the directions.

7. Be sure to read all of the wonderful things that you can do using the free Kindle Reading apps.


With a Kindle reading app on all your devices, you can synchronize your reading….as long as the WiFi is on when you finish reading.  It’s like having the same book on the coffee table where my iPad is, and in my purse where I have my iPhone and by my bed where I keep my Kindle.  I never have to remember my place.  Amazon does that for me!!!