I’m back.  Glad you missed me.

Here is how to get your smart phone to work “in a grand fashion”.

So many friends are now getting smart phones usually because their old phones have finally died.

At first, they are delighted to exhibit that they, too, own a new up-to-date, with-it instrument so loved by their grandchildren. Look at all the things it can do!

Except, despite getting all kinds of help from younger family, friends and even paid professionals, my friends cannot use it as a phone. Or, for that matter, they cannot use it at all.

I keep watching them very quickly jab their smart phone with one finger as if they were still dialing an old, dumb phone.  it doesn’t work that way any more.


A smart phone has a touch screen just like your tablet and possibly your new computer. This works by placing—-not punching—-your finger on the number or button that you want to work.  The new phones don’t react to the pressure of your tap, jab or punch—- but rather—- to the electrical conductivity of your finger.

Just remember to hold your finger gently and slowly on the number or “button” you want to work. When it responses, then go on to the next action you want to perform.

Don’t punch. Caress your smart phone.

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