Why is my phone so smart, when I’m so dumb!

It’s all in our attitudes.

I’m using the collective noun because we all do it. PANIC. And, no one panics better than older persons facing a problem using their computer and other devices, especially their smart phone.  I’ve had decades of experience using a computer and being on the internet. Yet, there are many times when….yes…I do PANIC.

There are plenty of other situations in which I PANIC.

Such as, last fall, I went into a PANIC when I hosted with delight my granddaughter, cooked a holiday dinner, welcomed the rest of the family, while readying my stored winter clothes, paying the bills, getting my medications in preparation to packing  for my annual month-long trip to the cold North.   Then I saw this printed on my kitchen sponge.

IT WORKS. (I only forgot my toothbrush!)

Since then, I’ve developed a new mantra, new to me, but old to history.  Keeping calm and carrying on makes life easier especially  with your computers, tablets and smart phones, You may not feel that you have control of your devices but you do have control of your attitude.