I thought I had a smart phone.  Until, my old beloved Nokia went dumb.

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My gmail connection was no longer being supported by Nokia. My fingers rebelled from sending SMS messages using its unfriendly style keyboard.  Worse of all, I was having trouble seeing the text and hearing the voice.

As you know, I don’t replace aged items, such as my TV, eagerly. (Click on the red text to read my blog post about having to buy a new TV.)   However, the time definitely had come for a new, truly smarter phone.   But, which one.  (As you also know, I have trouble deciding which of anything to buy.)

Overwhelmed by all the choices, I started a list of the features that were the most important. Here they are, starting with the most important for me.

Number one was EASE of USE.  I had used my dying phone for several years. Yet,  I still was frustrated by the complexity of doing simple frequent tasks, such as turning it off and on.  The new phone had to be intuitive.

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Next, it had to be a GOOD HANDSET. (Smart phone jargon for that thing you talk into and hear people talking to you.) The real “telephone” part!!!!  Surprisingly, this was the hardest quality for me to find information on.

I must be able to SEE OUTDOORS in BRIGHT LIGHT and  it must NOT BLACK-OUT too soon so I cannot enter the numbers.  If you have ever struggled with these problems, you know how frustrating they are.

With emails, SMS and internet, you do a lot of typing on the new smart phones. Therefore, I wanted a FULL KEYBOARD that was EASY to TYPE on even with my stubby, aged fingers.  You also do a lot of reading so I must have ADJUSTABLE TEXT SIZE.

Then, came the issue of BATTERY LIFE.   How many times have you heard, or said, “Hurry up and talk. I’m almost out of battery.”  I want longer life and ease of changing the battery. Plus, simple ways of saving battery power, such as easily turning the phone completely off and still be able to readily get messages and calls.

It would be nice to have a CAMERA that I actually, easily could learn how to use. And, when I do finally take a picture, the quality would be worth saving.  And, then I can find the pictures and actually enjoy seeing and share my pictures.

Two other items would play an important part in my decision of which smarter phone to buy, but I didn’t think of them in the beginning.

First of all, was the availability of APPS for the phone, from what company they were available and their cost.

Remember. APPS, short for applications, are types of software that let you do specific tasks, such as find your way or read a book or learn the time in another city.  You know, all the fun and necessity of a smart phone.

With my old phone and other devices, I had suffered from both lack of availability and clarity of INSTRUCTIONS. I had concluded that this was the new modern way.  You don’t read about how to do something; you just fumble around until you figure it out or give up in frustration. And, then go through the same process  a week later when you have forgotten how to do it again.

So. here is my list.  What would be important for you?

Next, posting I will show you how I used the Internet to make my “purchase decision”.

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PS.  I must tell you that having to buy something new is not that bad.  That is, after I have made up my mind what to buy and actually have gone out and bought it. In the last half year, I have had to buy a new TV, stove, dishwasher and now a smart phone.  You know what?????  They are all much better than the one old ones.  That is, after I learn to use them.