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If you live in an area where the best deal is to get your smart phone through a phone-service provider such as AT&T, now called a carrier, it is recommended that your first step is to choose that wireless service provider (carrier) then select a smart phone from them.  To read the article click on the red.

However, I live most of the time in a country where the best deal is to buy an unlocked phone outright instead of from a telephone company, such as Sprint. This is my story.

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On a trip to our Main Street, I saw several smart phone stores.  Suddenly—now was the time—I almost had made the decision and had a list of what features were important to me.

With credit card in hand, into the stores, I enthusiastically went. (Excited!)

There were phones behind glass. Salesmen knew little about each model and brand and thus could not compare them.

They expected me to put down almost  $1000 without even holding the smart phone.  FORGET IT!!!

So, I went to my more reliable source of information, the Internet.

Into the search engine went  buying smart phone  

If I was going to buy the phone directly (called unlocked), I learned that my first step is to decide on which operating system (OS) I preferred.  

The two most popular OS are android (that green robot) or iOS (Apple’s iPhone).  Today, in the global market, the android OS is much more popular than the iOS. (Click on red to read  the article.)

Into the search engine went  android vs iOS 

OOOPS!!!! Now I have too much information.  Very little of which I understand.

What it all seems to boil down to.  In 2015, the iOS and the android smartphones are very much alike EXCEPT the iOS is an Apple environment; whereas, the android is a Google environment.

“Environment”  ?????

I think I understand this.  I use Google’s Gmail, chrome search engine, cloud, translator and its many other goodies, properly called apps.  This means that Google is my environment.    No wonder I sometimes have trouble with Google products on my iPad, which is part of the Apple environment.


Another big reason that androids outsell iPhones is the price.  In most cases, Apple’s iOS iPhones are more expensive than the android brands.  And yet, today, feature-by- feature and app-by-app,   there is very little difference especially for the everyday, non-tech user.

I finally buy a phone.

Remember.  My number one criteria for a new phone is ease of use. This means that I just had to find a store that not only knew the details of these phones but also would let me have some side-by-side, hands-on experience with an iPhone and my two preferred android phones, the Samsung Galaxy and the LG G3.  

I found that store.

I went into my good old, well-established computer store, BUG, to buy some ink for my printer.  And there they were  iPhones,  Samsung Galaxies and the LG G3. Plus very customer oriented salespeople, who enjoyed working with older people, and could talk non-tech.

What did I buy?

The LG G3.     Their motto: “Simple is the New Smart”  Want to learn more, chick on the red.  

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I liked the size, the clarity of the print, the price, controls on the back, the reputation of the store and the distributor  and, above all else, the ease of use and flexibility of organizing.  I’m not much of a photographer but a friend, who is a prize-winning professional photographer, says he is impressed with its camera.

And so, I joined the digital lifestyle.

After a month of using it, I love my LG G3……..and so do five people who have bought it on my glowing recommendation.