Grand Websites

Here are some of the websites that I have featured.  I have organized them alphabetically.

Remember instructions about how to access information on websites are printed in blue.

Alibris  Sells and buys books, including out-of-print and rare books, audiobooks and textbooks, movies,  music and video games

Advanced Style   Street Fashion of seniors men and women  featured on the blog  Fashion Designers and Retailers Take Notice.

Amazon     One of the nation’s biggest book sellers and almost everything else.  Kindle ebook reader downloads and ebooks. Book and product reviews and customer ratings.  Easy to use site.  Also has free books.  Read more about Amazon and free book sources on the internet

Barnes and Noble  Website of the famous brand of stores. New and used books, ebooks, the NOOK ereader, text books, newsstand, toys and games, home and gifts, DVDs, music and gift cards for Barnes and Noble. 

Biblio  Website well-known for discounted used, rare and out of print books and texbooks.  Has a global locator for independent book stores.

Charlie Rose    Interviewers of most any one in the world.  Featured on my posting  You can visit my positing by clicking here on the red text.  A Grand Website:

Chef David Lebovitz   Website  of the  professional cook, baker and cookbook author David Lebovitz who  now “living the sweet life in Paris”.  Fun blog with great pictures.   Recipes tend to use natural ingredients.

Hulu    Movie and TV  Mostly free. Only available in Japan and the USA and its overseas territories. More countries coming. Click here to read about how to use this site.

The Louvre Museum     Official website of the Louvre Museum.   Detailed information about the collection. Art history.  Online museum store.  My two postings describing this website and demonstrating how to explore  it.  To the Louvre Museum and Back to the Louvre Museum

Online Newspapers  Free Newspapers and Magazines  Access thousands of free newspaper, magazines and journals  from around the world.

 Open Culture   Free “Culture”    Portal or gateway to an enormous amount of free cultural and educational material.

YouTube    Global “video-sharing” website.  Enormous  variety of video content, including movies and TV clips, music videos, their own amateur  original videos.

Skype  Use your computer like a telephone.  Free computer-to-computer calls and nominal fee calls from your computer to a regular telephone.    Download for the Skype application.

Sidereel  tv and movie site  Available more globally.  Here is a video that shows you how to use this site.


Wikipedia  The biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. Over 10 million articles in over 200 languages, and still growing. The information is posted by readers. Good place to begin your search for information, but not always the most reliable source.


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